ISP 1u rack mount space need for volunteer thing

Laszlo Szabo lszabo at
Thu Jun 26 16:55:07 IST 2008

Hi Martin!

I have 12 years experience in IT support. I'm still doing support thing 
on Linux/Windows for my former employer in Hungary spam filtering on 
Fedora Linux and Exchange 2003 support. (Wester Union Bank)

I already made this sort list about me but of course there is no 
everything on it.

My line is: Electronic skilled worker. (design, make and troubleshot 
micro electronic staff, 3 years school)
*Exams:* Microsoft MCP Windows 2000 professional since 2002 and MCP 
Windows 2003 server managing and maintaining since 2007.
             5 Microsoft preinstall specialist and Cisco CCNA 
first/second semester. (City College Norwich)
*Courses: *Windows NT4 network design/managing, SQL 2000 design, SQL 
2000 programming, SQL 2005 setup/managing.

*Experience SW:* *Novell Netware* 3.11, 3.12, 4.11 Intranetware NDS 
design, 5.0, 6.5.
                           *Windows *NT 4, 2000, 2003, 2008 Active 
directory, RAS server, DHCP server, ipsec, group-policy.
                           ISA server IPSEC site to site VPN(key auth), 
Proxy server setup managing 2000/2004/2006. (cluster too)
                           SQL 2000, 2005 maintenance setup. (cluster too)
                           Exchange server 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 setup, 
maintenance, upgrade, clustering.                                      
                           *Linux *RedHat, SUSE, CentOS: Sendmail, dhcp, 
squid proxy, iptables, samba, apache, vnc, webmail. setup, upgrade, 

*Experience HW: *Intel xeon server building, raid controllers, mylex, 
adaptec, dat tape.
                            HP/Compaq server maintenance. HP laser 
printer repair. (4l,5l,6l, etc..)
                            Router cisco, adsl/broadband, firewall 
setup, WIFI link up to 1-10Miles(I used to work at WIFI ISP (with 
Mikrotik router) )


thanks for your interest!

I do appreciate it.
Let me know if you are interested in me.


Martin.Hepworth wrote:
> Laszlo
> What's your experience...if it's lot of Unix a certain ISP close to MailScanner is look for a senior unix person.
> Based in Ireland not UK, but a very nice part of Ireland..
> --
> Martin Hepworth
> Snr Systems Administrator
> Solid State Logic
> Tel: +44 (0)1865 842300
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>> Hello guys!
>> I need your help to find "cheapest/best" ISP for me in
>> England/London middle Country somewhere.
>> So I'm going to do spam/virus filtering on my server as a
>> volunteer cos I need IT reference from costumers. (it is a
>> long shot plan) I'm going to do this support for costumers as
>> a free thing no charge at all. I built up a 1 unit server to
>> do this thing.
>> I'm a foreigner (Hungarian) and I had trouble to get IT job
>> around in England. The last few years I tried everything what
>> I could but nothing.
>> To be honest I've had enough to send my CV to agencies and no
>> answer at all or some one says "I'll call you back" and then nothing.
>> Unfortunately my 12 years experience in IT worth them nothing at all.
>> Some one always had a reason why I'm not the appropriate
>> person to fill that position.
>> So....
>> If you have any idea what to do, how to do "contract,
>> support, sale price with adverts on my site, etc..." don't
>> hesitate to contact me.
>> I'm interested in every aspect of it.
>> Most of you guys work at ISP so you must know something.
>> Anyway the best price what I found is around  £50 a month 1
>> unit case 100Mb 1 fix ip address in London. (£600 a year) But
>> I'm not a rich man cos I work as a cleaner and you
>>, kids, etc... " Bloody experienced IT cleaner  8-) "
>> However, thanks guys for your patient and suggestion.
>> Send me a private letter please.
>> Laszlo
>> Tel.: 0777-2015-322
>> E:mail: lszabo at  "Don't send me spam!" :-) Norwich/Norfolk
>> PS: I know that there is no best and cheap together. Reliable
>> and cheap that is what I need.
>> --
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