Help with installing and configuring greylisting with ms

Kit Wong Kit at
Wed Jun 25 11:07:55 IST 2008

Hi Experts

I have been happily using MS and spamassassin on my server. I would like
to pay for someone's services here to install greylisting on the server

The current set up is. Bluequartz from NUonce, Sendmail, MailScanner and
spamassassin. I use 3 popular rbls within Sendmail, then the usual
within MailScanner (I have disabled virus scanning) after. 

I am not sure if its possible (I have read somewhere it might be) but
would like to trigger greylisting on emails that are found to be clean
and are low scoring spam by MailScanner (I also don't want whitelisted
ips to be greylisted if it makes sense). 

The criteria for greylisting is 10 minutes and 7 day whitelist.

Any interested please email me direct.

Kind Regards

Kit Wong

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