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Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Tue Jun 24 07:31:20 IST 2008

On 23 Jun 2008, at 21:34, Dave Filchak wrote:

> Martin,
> We are only using Should I be using something else?

But where are you using just the zen list? If it's at your MTA, well  
that's fine and will have taken some load off MS but SA does many,  
many (I haven't been excited enough to count them all!) RBL, SURBL etc  
look ups by default along with razor & pyzor tests. Any one of these  
could be slow or just you have a slow DNS server. As was once said,  
any caching DNS server running on a SpamAssassin box is a busy caching  
server. Check the wiki (As mentioned already) for other ideas and run  
a few batches in debug to see where the delay is but to be honest 30  
seconds really is not too bad, I can not believe any one notices  
anything other than a reduced level of spam?


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