Spamassassin is slow - any tips or good commercial alternative?

Alex Neuman alex at
Wed Jun 18 15:02:54 IST 2008

Correlation is not causation. SpamAssassin doesn't increase the number  
of concurrent SMTP connections, as you receive e-mail normally *and  
then* have it scanned in batches, not "in-line". You should either  
increase (within reason) the number of possible incoming SMTP  
connections in your MTA so that this doesn't happen.

If by increasing the possible incoming connections on the MTA your  
performance goes down, you should look into either increasing your  
hardware resources, tweaking your existing config, or getting more  
bandwidth if that's your bottleneck.

On Jun 18, 2008, at 8:56 AM, Charlie wrote:

> Even now, with only 1,500 users, people have started reporting "Too  
> many concurrent SMTP connections; Please try again later"

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