BAYES_00 is killing me

Devon Harding devonharding at
Mon Jun 16 15:03:31 IST 2008

> Devon Harding wrote:
> | I'm getting alot of spam coming through and it seems like the cause of
> | this is BAYES_00 scoring messages with -2.60.  I'm running MS 4.68.8
> | with SA 3.2.4. <http://3.2.4.>  I've already trained hundreds of
> | messages like these as spam and it doesn't seem to work.  What else can
> | I do?
> My guess is that you are training the wrong database. You train another
> database and not the one you are using with MailScanner.
> Hugo.

For MS, where is the Bayes DB path specified?  My DB is located here:

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