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Rick Bragg wrote:
| Hi,
| I am a bit of a newbe at all this, so any help will be very appreciated!
| I have a seemingly good working install of MailScanner, sendmail,
| spamassassin, squirrelmail, and clambAV.  I am delivering and accepting
| mail for a dozen or so of my "clients" domains.  It seems that most of
| my clients email that they send me gets marked as spam in my in-box.  I
| did not do anything with the bayes database yet, and I'm not sure where
| to start.  Is there a way that I can "tune" the system on a system-wide
| level? and/or do each of my clients have to tune their own?  If so, how
| do they do that?  I am personally using evolution, some of my clients
| use squirrelmail, some use thunderbird etc...  Can my clients tune their
| spam database via their mailer software?
| I would basically like to know:
| Is there is a way to tune spamassassin on a system-wide level for all my
| domains at once?
| And:
| What is the best way for each of my clients to go about tuning their own
| settings? (or me doing if for them)

Most, if not all, items have been named here in the past.

I would try to setup SPAM and HAM boxes where the users can drop copies
of SPAM and HAM messages. Then you can use sa-learn to set up your
bayesian database.

That way your nbayesian databsse will reflect the average of your
customers. If your customers are rather diverse you may find that you
loose some accuracy in the bayesian database.


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