Watermark and User Notification

Donnie D. Quindardo donnieq at quindardonet.net
Fri Jun 13 05:42:32 IST 2008

Unfortunately, this is not working.


	Scan Messages = %rules-dir%/scan.rules


	From:             no
	FromOrTo:       default                 yes

The notification message sent by "Notify Senders" if their attachments 
are blocked is still being flagged as spam.

Please advise,

Don Q.

Julian Field wrote:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>> on 6-12-2008 1:26 PM Julian Field spake the following:
>>> Scott Silva wrote:
>>>> on 6-12-2008 1:10 PM Julian Field spake the following:
>>>>> Donnie D. Quindardo wrote:
>>>>>> - Configure MailScanner to notify users that their attachments 
>>>>>> have been  blocked.
>>>>>> - Configure MailScanner to use Watermarks and note that messages 
>>>>>> that have no sender and no watermark are spam.
>>>>>> - Send an e-mail through MailScanner with an attachment that is 
>>>>>> banned, perhaps "test.com".
>>>>>> - Look in the spam quarantine of MailScanner, the notification 
>>>>>> e-mail that is sent to the user is there. That's because it is 
>>>>>> sent with an envelope address of <> and does not get a MailScanner 
>>>>>> Signature beforehand.
>>>>> In which case you just need to use a ruleset to exempt mail from 
>>>>> from watermarking checks. Should I do this automatically 
>>>>> in the code, or are there situations in which this isn't the 
>>>>> desired behaviour?
>>>>> Jules
>>>> Does a ruleset on scan messages also cover this, or is watermarking 
>>>> outside that catch-all?
>>> You don't need to do anything that radical, you just need a ruleset 
>>> on the option that controls the checking of watermarks.
>>> Jules
>> Let me re-phrase this... If you already have a rule in scan messages 
>> for mailwatch releases, will it also cover the watermark code?
> If the rule is on "Scan Messages" then yes, it will cover everything.
> Jules

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