Dave Filchak submit at
Thu Jun 12 17:05:15 IST 2008

You know .. Peter is right here ... there are better ways to direct a 
person with shall we say, less experience than the general population of 
this list than the use of sarcasm. A simple answer like "The best place 
to find this info is ... ".  I know everyone is busy and sometimes there 
are a lot of questions by new users .... but everyone started somewhere 
.... right?

I do not want (and probably won't) to start a discussion of this in any 
way but I see this behavior on so many lists that I thought I would just 
put my 2 cents in here.


You Peter Farrow wrote:
> <div class="moz-text-flowed" style="font-family: -moz-fixed">Hi There,
> Since everyone else seems intent on telling you to use google, and 
> generally not being too kind, I thought I would help you out.
> Try this:
> Its not unreasonable to start asking your question here, and there is 
> another list for mailwatch, and it is related to subject matter here,
> Feel free ask me off the list if you have any problems, I done quite a 
> few of these,
> Regards
> Pete
> dOE wrote:
>> Has anyone installed MailWatch as a webUI for their MailScanner 
>> service?  Where can I find installation documentaion for MailWatch?
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