F-Secure licence keys for V7.0.1?

Hostmaster Hostmaster at computerservicecentre.com
Fri Jun 6 12:36:29 IST 2008

>Can anyone give me a working licence key for the command-line client? 
>Someone gave me a key to use for development work, but it isn't accepted.
>I've got the 64 bit package, but no licence key. It won't start without 
>one. :-(

Hi Jules,
This might seem like a bit of a far-out idea, but have you considered going to
F-Secure and asking if you can have a NFR license for your development work?
Obviously it's in their interests that MailScanner supports F-Secure AV, as then
MailScanner users can buy licenses for F-Sec AV...

I had some dealings with F-Secure quite some time ago, and have their news feed
in my feedreader and they seem like pretty friendly chaps - it's worth a shot
just to ask :)

Best Regards, 
Richard Garner (A+, N+, AMBCS, MOS-O) 
Computer Service Centre 
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