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Alex Neuman alex at nkpanama.com
Thu Jun 5 15:42:01 IST 2008

Scanning for viruses doesn't corrupt files.
Modifying the message after it's scanned (adding signatures and  
headers) may make digital signatures like DKIM and such fail their  
specific checks because the message has been modified.
Allowing the file through doesn't corrupt the file. It changes the  
You need to NOT process those messages. Try adding:
Scan Messages = %rules-dir%/scan.messages.rules

And in your scan.messages.rules file, located within the %rules-dir%  
folder, add:

FromOrTo:	default	yes
From:	xx.xx.xx.xx	no

... where xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP address of the sending server.

You could ask "why not use From: *@domain.com"... that would mean that  
anyone could pretend to be from that domain and get through  
mailscanner untouched.

In fact, the truly paranoid could use:

From:	blabla at domain.com	and	From:	xx.xx.xx.xx	yes

That would mean a message would have to be from blabla at domain.com AND  
come from that IP in order to skip processing by MailScanner. Fake  
messages from elsewhere would be scanned, and messages that don't have  
that AGP thing would be scanned because they come from somebody else  
that doesn't use them.

On Jun 5, 2008, at 9:30 AM, Pedro Bordin Hoffmann - [M]orpheus wrote:

> Hello.
> I have this client that sends attached in the message a file, with  
> the extension .agp
> This file is a security signature to work with banks, but if  
> Mailscanner scan it for virus, it gets corrupted.
> How should I do to make mailscanner don't scan this kind a file?
> Already try to put this in /etc/MailScanner/filnename.rules.conf
> Something like this:
> allow   \.agp$  -       -
> But still getting corrupted.
> What should I do?
> Thanks for the help!
> Regards
> Pedro
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