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Anthony Peacock a.peacock at
Wed Jun 4 13:57:09 IST 2008

Devon Harding wrote:
>> NOTE:
>> If anyone is using rules_du_jour regularly, you can stop hammering the site
>> as you won't get anything new.
>> There's a couple of SARE Ninjas on this list that would announce any
>> changes.
>> Alex
> With that said, whats the best way to combat these URL spam.  I'm noticing
> that everyone that gets through has BAYES_00 tagged which gives it a -2.60.
> I've already sa-learned these messages with no successes.  What next?

Hi Devon,

It depends.

The easiest way to get help with false negatives is to make one 
available to us to look at, with the rules that it does hit.  Don't send 
it to the list, but place the full email (with all headers) on the web 
somewhere accessible, then people will be more likely to tell you what 
rules that they use to catch this sort of spam.

Anthony Peacock
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