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Aye, for postfix we use recipient_address_verification so our MailScanner server never accepts emails that we cannot deliver onto the exchange servers and requires no extra tweaking on our part... It has massively cut the load on our MailScanner servers.

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> I have numerous clients doing it this way and it just works.  If you are
> using sendmail as your MailScanner MTA I can provide complete help on
> how to make this work with MailScanner and exchange (all versions).

And I can help with postfix (+ Active Directory / LDAP)!

As for the inter-Exchange traffic: this really should be "trusted"
internal traffic, between internal servers, on an strictly internal network.
If it is NOT then it should not be allowed to flow freely between
servers directly.

In any case you should run a mail scanning virus scanner on your
Exchange servers so internal viruses can not propagate.

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