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Ken Goods kgoods at
Tue Jun 3 00:00:41 IST 2008

Vernon Webb wrote:
> So you relay all the email through the Linux server to the Exchange
> server? How do you get around having people send email directly to
> the Exchange server box? Just block all email to port 25 except from
> the Linux server? 
> Vernon Webb
> 201.703.1232

There are several ways, I use sendmail's relay-table, virtusertable, and

And you're spot-on with blocking direct contact to the exchange server.
Although it really isn't as much of a problem as you may think. Just remove
the DNS entry for it and you can still let users POP off and SMTP (with
authentication) outgoing. I do get maybe 10-20 direct hits a day because it
was public at one time. Of course this does leave you with one point of
failure, but that's all we had prior to installing the MailScanner box so it
was a wash. The MailScanner box is rock solid so it isn't an issue for us.

I used a guide on the MailScanner site for the initial setup. Take a look
around there and see what you come up with. If you need more help or have
other questions don't hesitate to ask.

Ken Goods
Network Administrator
CropUSA Insurance, Inc.

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