clamav rpms

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Jul 31 18:12:53 IST 2008

on 7-31-2008 6:24 AM Greg Matthews spake the following:
> did I miss something?
> getting a little worried about still running clam 0.92.1 so investigated 
> the possibility of switching to clamd rather than clamavmodule.
> The recommendation on the wiki is to use rpms from Dag's repo. However, 
> it seems that the newest there is 0.92.1 too.
> Jules' easy install version doesnt work in clamavmodule mode (make test 
> fails during Mail::ClamAV) and Dag doesnt have recent rpms. Looks like 
> I'll have to compile from source afterall.
> G
I think Dags webpage doesn't track the repo very well since he joined 
rpmforge. The rpmforge repo is current;


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