Message body lost when zip file quarantined

Mark Sapiro mark at
Thu Jul 3 22:03:06 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:>
>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>> MailScanner is scanning a message with an attached .zip archive which
>>> contains a number of .bat and .bat.bak files, other files and even
>>> another zip archive which contains a single .bat file.
>>> Mailscanner detects all the .bat and .bat.bak files in the zip files,
>>> sends a notice appropriately, and delivers the message with the
>>> attachment removed. All well and good. The problems are:
>>> 1) not only the original .zip is quarantined, but so also are the
>>> individual .bat, .bat.bak and .zip files extracted from the original
>>> .zip (other files in the .zip with OK names are not). This is not a
>>> major issue, but makes looking in the quarantine difficult as one
>>> doesn't know what files were separately attached and what files were
>>> just in the .zip.
>>> 2) The more serious issue is the original message body is also removed
>>> from the delivered message, and it is not stored anywhere.
>> So, is there some misconfiguration on my part that is causing the loss 
>> of the message body, or is this and the redundant files in quarantine 
>> the expected behavior?
>Number 2 is the one that interests me. Please can you send me a concrete 
>example, preferably lifted straight out of a sendmail queue.

I use Postfix, not sendmail.

Here's what I have:

-The Postfix queue entry.
-The raw message received via bcc without passing through MailScanner
-The {Filename?} message delivered to the recipient after MailScanner
-The notice sent as a result of 'Send Notices = yes'

Which of these would you like (and may I send it/them off list)?

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