AW: Problems with TNEF and long filenames

Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at
Thu Jan 31 19:36:17 GMT 2008

Julian Field a écrit :
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> Denis Beauchemin wrote:
>> Julian Field a écrit :
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> Is it really worth making this yet another settable option?
>>> Does anyone (except the original poster) want to be able to tweak 
>>> this setting?
>> Julian,
>> What was this about exactly? I vaguely remember files within TNEF 
>> containers having shorter names than originally.  But what were you to 
>> do about it?
> When TNEF files were being replaced with the original attachments, 
> MailScanner was using shortened "safe" filenames, rather than the 
> original long filenames. I have changed it to use the original long 
> filenames.

If the long filenames don't trigger any rule in filename.rules.conf, 
then I don't see the need to shorten them or even sanitize them.

PS: I know the thread was not old but I don't have the emails anymore 
and I was too lazy to search them on the net... :-/

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