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Jay Chandler lists at
Thu Jan 31 16:12:12 GMT 2008

Ronny T. Lampert wrote:
>> So where does clamav-config come from?
> Only in clamav-devel or similar.
That's not mentioned as being something to install on the Wiki.  Should 
I add it anyway?
> Please also give us the output of
> #> clamscan --version
> #> which clamscan
> #> which freshclam
[root at prmx032 MailScanner]# clamscan --version
ClamAV 0.92/5626/Thu Jan 31 06:37:31 2008
[root at prmx032 MailScanner]# which clamscan
[root at prmx032 MailScanner]# which freshclam

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