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> I am running CentOS5 here and the latest MS RPM ... I have also performed a full YUM update with no problems.  But as always test it on a non-production machine first, especially if you are using other repos.
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Sorry to have to step by step this, but I'll add anything we learn to 
the wiki...

I installed clamav, clamd, and clamav-db  (Version 0.92) from the Dag 
Wieers repository as the install script says, but I get this during the 

Attempting to build and install Mail-ClamAV-0.21
Unpacking perl-tar/Mail-ClamAV-0.21.tar.gz

Do not worry too much about errors from the next command.
It is quite likely that some of the Perl modules are
already installed on your system.

The important ones are Mail-ClamAV and Mail-SpamAssassin.

WARNING ------------------------------------------------
WARNING You have an older version of clamav or
WARNING clamav-config is not in your path
WARNING If you get compile errors you will either
WARNING need to upgrade clamav to atleast 0.73
WARNING or make sure clamav-config is in your path
WARNING ------------------------------------------------
The clamav version you are using is too old. Please upgrade to atleast 0.90
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.

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