Trend Micro Sues Barracuda Over Open Source Anti-Virus

Rob Sterenborg R.Sterenborg at
Wed Jan 30 06:50:59 GMT 2008

Julian Fields wrote:
> But MailScanner is not written in the US. Remember I live in the EU,
> where software patents don't exist. So it doesn't violate anything,
> as there is nothing to violate. :-)

Yes, well, that might change as AFAIK the EU are still strugling to
create patent law. The outcome is, so far, not clear and there's no
telling if it would be an as useless and stupid-ass patent-law as in the
US: the people that create these kind of laws are usualy blessed with
ignorance on the subject and/or are subject to lobbies by large
enterprises that benefit from these laws.
So, *if* such law arrives (and let's pray it doesn't), it might affect
MailScanner too when Trend Micro gets to register the same patent in the


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