sa-learn (Slightly OT)

Ben Winslow winslowb at
Tue Jan 29 16:45:53 GMT 2008

On Tue, 2008-01-29 at 09:24 -0600, Kyle Schmitt wrote:
> Given the age of the exchange server, I'm unsure as to whether I can
> enable imap on it safely (it's under fairly heavy use, and it's
> exchange 5.5.)  I'm linux/unix centric, but I do recall something
> about imap introducing severe instability for exchange servers of some
> generation....

Your easiest option might be adding an imap account to Outlook for a
different server, copying your messages to that imap account, and then
retrieving the messages from the server directly or with a MUA that's
more willing to give you the entire message, headers and all.

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