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Mon Jan 28 21:28:17 GMT 2008

On 28/01/2008, Kyle Schmitt <kyleaschmitt at> wrote:
> This is slightly OT, since it's a spam assassin specific question.
> Still, I may have good luck here, so I'll post anyway.
> I've built up a small collection of spam that's slipped through my
> MailScanner, and was planning on using sa-learn to train up the bayes
> filter.
> The catch?  We use outlook/exchange, and when I save the messages off
> as text, I don't get much of the header, but if I save it off as a
> message, it's in some weird outlook format.
> I tried using sa-learn with the weird outlook messages, and now I'm
> wondering, was that a good idea.  Out of about 60 messages it claimed
> to learn 84 tokens.  Should I have it un-learn those?   Will the
> header anemic text versions be sufficient for learning?  I'm going to
> assume now that spam assassin won't read in outlook message format.
> Thanks,
>         Kyle
Enable IMAP service and use an IMAP enabled client (MUA... Not
LookOut!). Does that make M-Sexchange "reassemble" the actual message
(headers and all)?

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