OT: Web Mail Client

Juan Pablo Lorier jplorier at montecarlotv.com.uy
Mon Jan 28 11:05:05 GMT 2008


We actually use Scalix as our corporate mail. It's a nice solution that 
can substitute Exchange very well. Of course, it won't do everything as 
nicely as exchange + outlook because you know Microsoft keeps many 
secrets to prevent others from working with their products. But in the 
other hand, you can do great things like having a lot of "basic" users 
(those that won't connect to Scalix via mapi) at no cost and just 
reserve the licenses to your corporate users, work with a main LDAP 
directory that can integrate all your samba, proxy, web, ftp, etc 
servers for central authentication and so on.
Of course, one of the best things is the price, you really can set up a 
system with a fraction of the cost that exchange would cost.
We have a mail gateway running mailscanner on sendmail that filters all 
the incoming mails and then redirects them to Scalix server. It works 
fine, and even can authenticate imap and pop users for road warriors 
using rimap against the Scalix server.
The advantage of this set up is that you can split the servers for 
scanning and mail services in order to get two cheap servers instead of 
an expensive one and also give security. I use a NAT rule in the 
firewall to redirect all smpt traffic to the mailscanner server and 
then, all the possible attacks go against mailscanner that has no 
sensible data.
In performance, if you have an spam attack or whatever takes mailscanner 
to use many resources, the users won't get affected because all their 
local mail and server attention keeps the same. Even outgoing mail is 
not affected, only the incoming.
Don't hesitate trying it, you have a community version that runs just 
like the commercial but with limited "premium users" that are the mapi 
capable ones.
Then you also have small business edition and enterprise edition that 
let you spread the services among multiple servers if you have a large 
facility like an ISP.
I hope this can help

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