own script in Mailscanner

Matthias Taube no_html.max50kb at nurfuerspam.de
Sun Jan 27 20:57:30 GMT 2008

Julian Field schrieb:

> And are you checking the message body or the attachments?
> Could SpamAssassin be used to check the message? (if it can, it may 
> affect how you best implement your changes to the message)

To be concrete: I have the Problem that incorrect Headerlines
(Date: and Subject:) in some cases break the mail-System.

I wrote a perl-script to fix this headers to the RFC-Specs. and to 
insert the original in the Message Body (just for Information).

I am now searching for the best place to put this script in the chain.

I tried the generic-wrapper of Mailscanner, but there I cant change the 
Header of the Mail.


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