CRM114 Plugin

Marcello Anderlini m.anderlini at
Wed Jan 23 13:37:50 GMT 2008

First, I beg your pardon for my worst English, but it's not my mother
language and so, please a very easy English :-)

I'm looking for a definitive plugin that could help me to stop spam. At the
moment I'm using  mailscanner + spamassassin-3.2.4-1.el4 on a centos 4.6
with various rules_set,pyzor,razor, fuzzy_ocr and two blacklist at mta

Now this configuration has some troubles to detect some new spam in italian

Looking at wiki mailscanner I've found this (for me) new plugin:CRM114.

Someone has already use it ? It's not clear for me how does it work. It can
be used with other plugin ? Someone could explain me (with easy and clear
words :-)

Thanks a lot

Best regards


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