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>>>>> Julian Field wrote:
>>>>>> OT as ever :-)
>>>>>> Check out roundcube. Lots of very clever Javascript.
>>>>> Julian,
>>>>> Have you used this before as it's very new , and do you feel it's 
>>>>> suitable for enterprise/production sites?
>>>> I've used it since it was very first launched. It's certainly 
>>>> suitable for us, works very nicely and the users like it 
>> too. My 2p worth.
>>> I setup a spare server today, with roundcube. I'm going to give my 
>>> users the option to test it out and compare it to squirrelmail.
>>> To be honest, I never really gave much thought to changing from 
>>> squirrelmail. After reading comments on this list, I 
>> decided to check 
>>> it out. The "eye candy"
>>> seems nicer,
>>> setup was a breeze, so we will see. This is after 1 hour of 
>> testing, 
>>> so don't take my word for it. :-)
>>> Me, I use mutt over ssh so I really don't care. But.... I 
>> am posting 
>>> this from roundcube as part of my testing.
>>> Richard
>> New message notifications would be nice, but it does look good!
> I'd like to know your further experience with roundcube.
> Seems as a good replacement for OWM (as stable as it is, OWM is also pretty
> ugly...no offense).
> I wish it could share contacts within a domain.
No shared contacts unless maybe you are using LDAP book. It doesn't share the 
sql contacts, although it looks as if it can be easily hacked to do so.

It doesn't seem to notify you of new mail unless you click on a folder first.

Interface is very attractive, and it seems very speedy.

I have also tried egroupware and horde/imp, and they all have different 
shortcomings that my users will complain about.

Squirrelmail seems to be the fastest, but it is butt ugly, and the plugins 
that need the compatibility plugin are a hit and miss proposition.

Openwebmail's direct access of the mailspool restricts it to mbox only, and it 
gets slow on large mailboxes. Global addressbook without LDAP is a plus.

I have a few others to look at before I decide, but I will probably leave 
squirrelmail up for those who value speed over substance.

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