How to know if I'm blacklisted (SOLVED)

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Sat Jan 19 17:16:26 GMT 2008

Glenn Steen wrote:
>> But - it is still a good, cheap test as that is potentially 1840
>> messages that didn't need to go through SpamAssassin.
> Exactly my point:-).
> Sure, other things may drop more, but as long as it drops some (and
> yes, I've seen it declining in relative percentage too, although the
> general increase of volume keep the amount about the same), it's worth
> it.
>>  Greeting pause is
>> still better though (and almost as cheap):
>> 214-2.0.0 037 smtp-greet-pause=7309 (1.25%)
> But ... that was 1840 making it past greet_pause, so ... you really
> don't know how many of those 7309 would've run afoul of the rfc
> strictness... or not:-). The problem with stats, how to interprete
> 'em:-/.

Yes - a very good point.  We have the ability to 'delay' all pre-DATA 
test actions, so that they are reported for each RCPT (this is for 
whitelisting/reporting purposes); however this is new, so the stats 
quoted were on a site that doesn't use this (this beings it's own 
problem of interpretation issues where one connection trips lots of 
pre-DATA tests).

Stats at the SMTP phase are *much* harder to report and interpret than 
post-queue (especially  when you consider greylisting).

Anyway - I digress, IMO greet-pause is a more reliable indicator than 
strict-helo testing and would recommend everybody to use both ;-)


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