Happy Birthday Julian

Doc Schneider doc at maddoc.net
Wed Jan 16 20:06:00 GMT 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> Thank you all very much for your messages and kind comments, they're 
> great to read.
> I'm going to crack open a certain bottle of cognac tonight :-) Currently 
> tucking into a bottle of Chablis bought for me by my lodger, but that's 
> not going to last long!
> If you are feeling particularly wealthy, my wish list is always available at
> http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/1W99HT2WWW5PB
> :-)
> Thanks guys!
> P.S. Am currently testing Mail-ClamAV-0.21 and it seems to work okay so 
> far, despite the "perl Makefile.PL" complaining that it couldn't find 
> the library with -lclamav. "MailScanner --lint" works fine though, as 
> does a batch with various hidden copies of Eicar in it. Once someone 
> else confirms that it works, I'll update the ClamAV+SpamAssassin 
> package. I'm testing it on a new install of a RedHat 5.1 system.
> shuttlebox wrote:
>> Thank you for an excellent product and even better support.
> Jules


Tested and works fine with my own servers. A collection of CentOS 4 and
5's i386 and x86_64's all work and build fine with this latest

Lincoln, NE.

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