Exim verify recipient and MailScanner

Jonas A. Larsen jonas at vrt.dk
Wed Jan 16 16:24:18 GMT 2008

Hi Paul

I have the exact same setup as you do, except I don’t scan their outgoing
mail, and I do this for several domains.

Exim can verify receipients by doing a, what exim refers to as a, "callout"
to the remote recipient SMTP. You can look up how to enable this in the exim
manual, or if your lucky it will be commented out in your config file and
you just have to enable  it. I unfortunately can't remember off the top of
my head how to enable it. But if you want to you can come to #mailscanner on
the freenode irc network and I am sure me or somebody else can help you.

Alternatiuve you can ask for help from some exim people, since the problem
isn’t really mailscanner related.

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>Hi all
>I'm running MailScanner 4.64.3 with Exim 4.6.  Apologies in advance if
>is deemed off-topic.
>The problem is, I can't get Exim's verify recipient functionality
>even though my exim.conf specifies it.
>The reason I would like this to work is that my server relays for one
>in particular that is getting thousands of dictionary based spam messages
>(tens of thousands per day).  My server relays to their smtp server after
>checking for spam and viruses using MailScanner and SpamAssassin.   The
>public DNS for the domain points to my server as the MX and my server's
>has an MX of their SMTP server.  Their server sends their outbound mail
>mine so it gets scanned.
>The domain is in my /etc/virtual/relay_domains file and the IP of their
>server is in my /etc/virtual/relay_hosts file.
>Has anyone any ideas? I've spent hours banging my head against a brick
>on this one.
>What I expect to happen is for exim to contact the remote smtp server to
>validate the address as soon as it gets the "rcpt to" command and then
>an "unknown user" response.  What is happening instead is that the
>are being accepted, scanned by MailScanner and passed to the remote smtp
>server which rejects them.  This is a real waste of resources.
>One theory I have is that because there's an inbound and outbound
>of exim to allow it to work with MailScanner then the verify recipient
>functionality is effectively disabled.
>The /etc/exim.conf which is the instance of exim used for inbound mail
>these settings:
># accept if address is in a local domain as long as recipient can be
>accept domains = +local_domains
>message = unknown user
>verify = recipient
># accept if address is in a domain for which we relay as long as
># can be verified
>accept domains = +relay_domains
>message = unknown user
>verify = recipient
>accept hosts = +relay_hosts
>message = unknown user
>verify = recipient
>accept hosts = +auth_relay_hosts
>message = authentication required
>verify = recipient
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