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Tue Jan 15 14:59:17 GMT 2008

On 15/01/2008, Martin.Hepworth <martinh at> wrote:
> Steve
> Any chance of nixing their email to the list - I'm seeing multiple OoO style things going to the list..
An emphatic CC on that account!

BTW... "nixing"...? What would that be?
Something akin to the act of registering in the Swedish "NIX"
registers (one for telemarketing (, one for
snailmail SPAM ( ...? For those
of you who follow the links and don't read Swedish real well, the gist
of it is that if you register your phone or address in the registers,
companies aren't allowed to send ads or disturb your peace while
eating (when telemarketeers usually call...), unless they have a prior
business agreement with you. Good in theory, works pretty well in
practice. The scumbags still call though, but then you can have no
remorse whilst hanging up:-). "Nix" would translate to "Nope"...:).
But you perhaps already knew that.:-)

-- Glenn
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