Correct regexp to block mails that advertise certain websites?

Remco Barendse mailscanner at
Fri Jan 11 16:04:12 GMT 2008

Hi list!

I would like to block e-mails that always contain a certain url that allows to 

The unsubcribe url from the e-mail is this in plain text :
here to unsubscribe</a> .

I tried to block this using the following regexp :
body     URETH1 
describe URETH1          urethane rubbish
score    URETH1          100

(deliberately broke the url with some dots as my message doesn't seem to 
make it to the list)

But nothing happens, where do i go wrong?

Where do i go wrong?  I would already be happy if i can block any e-mail that 
contains i am sure that no legitimate 
e-mail will contain a link to it


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