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On Thu, 10 Jan 2008, Greg Matthews wrote:

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> shuttlebox wrote:
>> Since everything is the same to run I don't know why one would migrate
>> off one arch to another, just pick what's suitable for the task. I run
>> both sparc and x86 and it's good to have a choice. :-)
> 8 cores, 32 threads... need I say more?
>> Have you looked at this?
> yup, thats been running for a while now (18 months?). The old T1 only had one 
> FP processor per chip but the T2 has 1 FP processor per core which should 
> make it much more generally applicable.
> Given that SA (and MS to an extent) spends a lot of CPU cycles waiting for 
> DNS and IO I'd have thought SMT processors were an ideal match but I've yet 
> to talk to anyone who is actually using one for such an application.

I have mailscanner running on a 4-cpu V490, Solaris 10.  It has been the
mailscanner box for a while.  I have three T1000's (two of them out
of service), and two T2000's (one web server and one general purpose,
used to be our IMAP server).  The T2000 handled dovecot IMAP very well,
and mailscanner might benefit from moving to a T2000.

That said, I'm starting the migration of my Sun systems to Redhat 5
running either in Intel Vmware or on real Intel boxes.  The mailscanner
system migration will be down the road for me, but that's where I plan
to go.  I've soured on Solaris; their OS patching has driven me insane.

Jeff Earickson
Colby College

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