mailscanner on coolthreads server

shuttlebox shuttlebox at
Thu Jan 10 16:44:35 GMT 2008

On Jan 10, 2008 5:30 PM, Greg Matthews <gmatt at> wrote:
> Anyone here running a busy MailScanner server on Solaris? Have you tried
> the cooltst utility to check its appropriateness for a coolthreads server?
> I've tried it on my linux servers and it says it is a good candidate
> altho there isnt much detail. I think if you run it on solaris you get
> more detail...
> The new T2 processor has a FP unit for each core so would probably be a
> good match for MailScanner. It looks like a great processor but it may
> be too late to stop the tide of SPARC to x86 migration...

Since everything is the same to run I don't know why one would migrate
off one arch to another, just pick what's suitable for the task. I run
both sparc and x86 and it's good to have a choice. :-)

Have you looked at this?


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