MailScanner not scanning emails.

Lawrence Lam publicforum at
Thu Jan 10 15:58:19 GMT 2008

Problem 1:


Latest version of ClamAV and MailScanner installed OK but MailScanner is not
scanning emails.


This happens for both my RH9 and RHEL5 servers (both with WHM/cPanel).  I
have been searching Google for days but could not solve the problem. I
believe the solution is something very simple. Can somebody please show me
the way?


Problem 2:


At the end of MailScanner installation, it said I should do these:


service sendmail stop

chkconfig sendmail off

chkconfig MailScanner on

service MailScanner start


But for all the 4 commands, all I got was "Command not found". I am using
RHEL5. What to do?





Lawrence Lam




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