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Mon Jan 7 16:54:34 GMT 2008

At 11:18 AM 1/7/2008, you wrote:

>Devon Harding wrote:
>>On Jan 7, 2008 10:36 AM, dnsadmin 1bigthink.com <dnsadmin at 1bigthink.com>
>>>I use the following in my sendmail.mc. Port 587 is a standard use
>>>port defined in /etc/services and has really come in handy for
>>>roaming users. Many hotel Internet access points block port 25!
>>Will it also accept mail on port 587 or is it just for submission?
>You really should relay out through your ISP's mailserver. Your ISP 
>will not be blocking port 25 incoming, so your listening sendmail on 
>port 25 should be able to receive mail from the Net just fine. Your 
>ISP's block on port 25 outgoing will not be worked around by setting 
>up your sendmail to listen on an additional port. You need to set 
>smart host in your sendmail.mc and rebuild sendmail.cf.

Roaming users still want to be able to send as 
joesalesguy at hisdomain.com while out on the road. Hotel access points, 
95% of the time, can't even tell you who their ISPs are.

Yes, at home, you should send through your ISP and a good ISP will 
allow you to send as joesalesguy at hisdomain.com, once you've 
authenticated with their mail host.

As far as smart host config, Even though I'm not a big ISP, I am my 
own ISP as far as mail and DNS are concerned. I don't need to or have 
to use my ISP to relay mail. I've been with my ISP for many years and 
have built trust and a relationship that gets me everything I want and need.


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