Txt file considered as program?

Greg Matthews gmatt at nerc.ac.uk
Mon Jan 7 09:34:05 GMT 2008

Scott Silva wrote:
> Technically it would be a RedHat problem, because CentOS doesn't change 
> the magic file that RedHat ships. But many other distros would also hit 
> some of these. Those magic definitions are very old, and from a time 
> when e-mail was less in use.
> Does anybody have a link to a better magic file?

I take the approach of editing and formatting the magic used by file and 
exclude the file package from updates (exclude=file in /etc/yum.conf).

It's quite a simple process - the flat file and compiled binary data are 
at /usr/share/file/ read the man page for file(1) for details of 
compiling the magic. Copy the /usr/share/file/magic to /tmp, edit to 
your taste and then "file -C -m /tmp/magic" to compile it. Make sure you 
keep a copy of your edited magic file somewhere as its really annoying 
when rpm overwrites it!

the edits that I make are simply to comment out 5 lines that identify 
Apple Quicktime movie files where the first four bytes spell out a word 
or a start of a word (free, junk, skip, wide and pict). So far QT is the 
only false positive I've had to deal with but the same approach can be 
used for others.




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