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Sat Jan 5 19:44:50 GMT 2008

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Jason Ede wrote:
> Hugo,
> When do you plan to put 4.66 onto the yum respository?

Who knows. I am still not clear on what works best. But I would say it
is rather obvious I would prefer to have a yum repository on the
MailSanner site if none of the regular repositories are willing to pick
it up.

I allready forwarded the manual to create a repository to Jules. And it
is small enough to fit on one of those annoying yellow sticky pieces of
papers some people will stick to their monitor.

But there is the problem of dependencies. So far I have come up with the
 following scenarios:

 1. Forget about it. Not realy what I wish for but it is an option that
must be listed just for arguments sake.

 2. Use a minimal set of packages in the repository and rely on other
repositories. That might break things every now and again untill it is
fixed in a new beta and official release in due time.

A partial fix is to be more strict on which packages are acceptable by
adding more version checks. Something like:
Requires: perl-MailTools >= 1.7, perl-MailTools < 2.0
(This should forbid one to install a 2.x version.)

Or use a very strict list of tested version. So in this case it would read:
Requires: perl-MailTools = 1.77

 3. Use a big repository and add tested package that are working well
with RHEL/Centos for example and just use that repository next to
RHEL/Centos itself. No more need to add another repository.

At this point both options 2 and 3 have their own merits and challenges.
I tend to lean towards option 2 as it is propably much less work in the
long run.

BTW: Jules, unrar can just be another requirement in your spec file. If
you do not use the --force option but let package management play it
nice it might actually work.


PS: Today is day 5 of the year and I am allready on +16 hours. So it
seems I need to plan some quality time with my bed sometime soon. (As if
plans ever survive first contact with the customer ;-)

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