ERROR: You must upgrade your perl IO module to at least

Alessandro Bianchi alex at
Thu Jan 3 12:24:48 GMT 2008

> Guys,
> According to the late problems with perl-Mail-tools and perl-MIME-tools
> I upgraded my server to 4.66 but im finding the below.
> Could you give me some lights on it? what should be the minimum version?
> where I can find an apropiate rpm? I use the latest rpmforge and 
> centos repos.
> Im using CentOS 4.6 x386
> Thanks in advance
Same probem here on fedora 7 on two different servers.

The installer was unable to install per IO 1.213 the MailScanner didn't 
even start up.

The unstaller was complainig about perl file conflict

So I grabbed the latest perl IO source from CPAN and compiled and 
installed it with no problem.

Now it works good

Hope it helps

Alessandro Bianchi

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