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Maxime Gaudreault mgaudreault at reference.qc.ca
Fri Feb 29 15:54:04 GMT 2008



I have a problem with my anti-spam gateway. The queue is fulling up very quickly (1600+ mails in queue).


The server's load average is <1 (0.60 - 0.80) so I suppose this is not a ressource problem.


Then I have to change the port forwarding directly to my Imail server to let the anti-spam's queue going down.


I used many tweak to maximize the efficacity of the anti-spam (mailscanner work directory in ram, dns cache server, increasing memory). I only got 1 CPU but I suppose this is not the problem because when the queue is full, the load average is under 1.


Any idea ?


PS: Sorry for my bad english

PPS: Sorry if you received my message twice



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