Off Topic: I had a good day

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Fri Feb 29 13:19:53 GMT 2008

On Thursday 28 February 2008 10:56 pm, DAve wrote:
> Sorry for the off topic post but I just have to tell someone.
> I have a house full of teenagers twice a week. I let my sons band
> practice downstairs, full drum kit and amps, the whole shootin match. I
> give them a place to practice, make them dinner, fix their guitars, tell
> them to drive careful when they leave. This has been Thursday and Sunday
> nights for almost a year.
> Funny thing happened tonight after practice. My wife called me
> downstairs and all the kids were in the kitchen. In the middle of the
> floor was a new hardcase with a New Haven made Ovation six string
> guitar. They had saved their money since November and pooled it together
> to get me something they said I wouldn't spend the money on for myself.
> It was their way of saying thanks. I nearly cried.
> The next generation is going to be just fine.
> DAve
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Several weeks ago, a poster to some list I subscribe to posted an OT bit of 
humor.  Another poster replied something to the effect that there was no 
place for humor on the list.  I most whole-heartedly disagree.  While 
certainly not a list's primary purpose, every once in a while a little humor, 
or a piece like DAve's, is refreshing.  Helps keep us in touch with our 
humanity (well, OK, at least at those times when we're not being god to our 
end-users  :-)  ).  Some of the best humor and best human-interest stories 
I've read, have come from the technical mailing lists I subscribe to.  We 
most certainly are an interesting group of folk.

Thanks, DAve.


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