MailScanner and multiple incoming queue dirs

Vlad Mazek v at
Thu Feb 28 17:49:24 GMT 2008

Got a bit of a incoming queue dir issue that I was hoping someone could
clear up for me. I have MailScanner running with sendmail using split
queues. MailScanner Incoming Queue Dir should support a filename (supposedly
also a function?) containing a list of inbound queues. However, when I fire
it up with the file (or function) I get this:

Starting MailScanner daemons:
         incoming sendmail: 451 4.0.0 can not
chdir(/etc/MailScanner/rules/ Not a directory [  OK  ]

My first question is, how do I make MailScanner pass the proper directories
back to sendmail so it doesn't bark at startup (sendmail basically dies and
cuts off inbound mail).

The second question is about the processing priorities.. Does MailScanner
process multiple queues concurrently?

Thanks for any help anyone may be able to offer.

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