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Do you mean that you're catching spam at about the 77% rate, or that of
the mail that gets through about 77% of it is still spam?
I have two active mailscanners at the moment.  At the moment, the main
one displays (per MailWatch) a high scoring catch rate of 72.6% and spam
of 5.3.  My lower priority mail server seems to be purposely targeted by
spammers and I see a 97% hit rate on it for high score spam, and 1.6%
for regular spam.  It has a much lower connection count than my regular
server which indicates my main server is pretty much able to keep up
w/the inbound load so the traffic I see on the tier 2 server is probably
almost exclusively spam targeted at that server.  Spammers often try to
hit the servers w/less priority.  I guess they figure they're less
likely to be up to date or something.

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I have been looking at my stats,  I was curious what other people get

Current doing about 100,000 emails a month with a 77% Spam hit.

Also many of my users have a 90% spam Hit.


Is that normal or average?


We are a average company with about 250 mail boxes

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