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Thu Feb 28 15:00:22 GMT 2008

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> I have been looking at my stats,  I was curious what other people get
> Current doing about 100,000 emails a month with a 77% Spam hit.
> Also many of my users have a 90% spam Hit.
> Is that normal or average?
> We are a average company with about 250 mail boxes

For January my Logwatch files indicated 732,405 messages with 81% SPAM
This is a 2-year College with 475 users
I don't run Pyzor or DCC because I don't know how to set them up
I use these RBL's: spamhaus-ZEN SORBS-SPAM
Users still see a lot of SPAM just due to the volume we get for 475 users

Dan Straka
Systems Coordinator
Casper College

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