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Tue Feb 26 16:25:31 GMT 2008

I found this post in the archives but never saw a resolution:

Scan Engine reports that is sees the tests as viruses but MailScanner
simply passes the message through.




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You need to send me a fully licenced copy of the package, including any 

licence keys I will need to install it. I personally guarantee that I 

will not use it for anything other than development, and I guarantee 

that no-one else will get access to it. Remember, I've got a reputation 

to protect.


Please send it all to me off-list!


Jeff Meyer wrote:

> I noticed that MailScanner has support for Symantec Scan Engine, but 

> it doesn't appear to be working correctly.


> First, had to make a change to the symscanengine-wrapper:

> changed:

> prog=savsecls/savsecls

> to:

> prog=ssecls/ssecls


> Then when testing the wrapper:

> /usr/lib/MailScanner/symscanengine-wrapper /opt/SYMScan /temp

> eveything works, even tried on eicar test file and it found it.


> However, when running it with MailScanner, nothing appears to be 

> getting logged when testing with eicar files.  McAfee, Bitdefender and

> ClamAV all log there results, but symantec doesn't.  I would like to 

> see when symantec does catch something and when it doesn't.


> What do I need to do to change this.


> Jeff





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