Tnef setting and forwarding Outlook contacts

Charlie mi6 at
Tue Feb 26 14:36:49 GMT 2008

Hi, thanks for all the previous help with other requests.

I have reinstalled MailScanner, but have run into an old problem.
Whenever I try to 'forward' a contact from Outlook (by clicking on 
'Contacts' then right-clicking a particular contact and then choosing 
'Forward'), the attachment's name is changed (by the way, it shouldn't be 
changed) to be 'Untitled Attachment' when I have the following setting in 
Deliver Unparsable TNEF = no

However, when I make it 'Deliver Unparsable TNEF = yes' the attachment is 
removed entirely!

Is this a new bug? In the previous version when I changed Deliver Unparsable 
TNEF to 'yes' the correctly named and formatted attachment was delivered. 
Now, nothing is delivered.


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