MailScanner 4.88.5-3 not being invoked by sendmail

John Hinton webmaster at
Mon Feb 25 06:03:51 GMT 2008

Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
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> Mike Watson wrote:
> | I'm not at the server at the moment, but I'll run the sequence below 
> and
> | record the result.  I have clamav and f-prot for anti-virus.  I do get
> | intermittant log entries from sendmail not being able to bind to the
> | port, but sendmail has been up everytime I check the port via telnet.
> |
> | I'm not a Perl guru.  Is there a FAQ about using CSPAN so I can load 
> the
> | missing modules?
> On Fedora one could use rpmforge as it would contain most of the perl
> modules. (I can't say I prefer to do it that way as I would not choose a
> short lived distro like Fedora for a server ever.)
> Hugo. 

Having just done an install on a CentOS 5 box....

The dag repository is very good. I pulled as many perl modules from 
there as possible. I still have an issue with yum update and about three 
of the perl modules installed by mailscanner. I'm going to have to 
exclude them from updates until versions catch up or pass the installed 

Also, Webmin has a very nice perl area under 'Others'. It will pull down 
and install any module that I have ever needed.

Another way is from the command line. Man cpan and it will tell you the 
methods for installing perl modules from the command line. It's pretty 
simple... but there are a lot of modules! ;)

I installed both MailScanner and MailWatch. Running the SpamAssassin 
Lint test built into MailWatch showed me any missing modules. I was able 
to use dag for all but two of them. Seems like there was a command to 
run from the command line to show this same output, but I don't remember 
what it was.

John Hinton

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