MailScanner 4.88.5-3 not being invoked by sendmail

Mike Watson mikew at
Mon Feb 25 01:51:00 GMT 2008

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Julian, I found that Spamassassin was running as a daemon.  I stopped it 
and changed chkconfig to insure it wouldn't start again at startup.

I entered the sequence below.  Created an e-mail, and MailScanner 
worked.  The sequence below seems to be the same as that done in the 
initscript supplied by MailScanner.  Was there any difference?  Could it 
just be the fact that Spamassassin was running as a daemon?

Mike W.
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Mike Watson wrote:
| I'm not at the server at the moment, but I'll run the sequence below 
and record the result.  I have clamav and f-prot for anti-virus.  I do 
get intermittant log entries from sendmail not being able to bind to the 
port, but sendmail has been up everytime I check the port via telnet.
| I'm not a Perl guru.  Is there a FAQ about using CSPAN so I can load 
the missing modules?
| Mike W
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