possible corrupt sanesecurity defs

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Sat Feb 23 00:27:33 GMT 2008

on 2/21/2008 5:59 PM Michael Mansour spake the following:
> Hi,
> --- Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com> wrote:
>> on 2/21/2008 3:22 AM Andy Wright spake the
>> following:
>>> Scott Silva wrote:
>>>> I would just be happy if I could set Mailwatch to
>> not protect me from 
>>>> myself and allow me to release virus content. I
>> think I saw a patch 
>>>> somewhere, but I sure can't find it.
>>> Scott, if you're still looking for a way to do
>> this you can edit line 
>>> 326 of details.php in your mailwatch html
>> directory - find the line;
>>> if($item['dangerous'] !== "Y") {
>>> and change the "Y" to something else - I altered
>> mine to "r", then 
>>> you'll be able to release all items nomatter how
>> they're flagged.
>>> Andy.
>> Thank you! I knew I saw it somewhere.
>> Now to get the multi-release patches working in
>> 1.0.4.
>> I'll probably get it just in time for 2.0 to come
>> out.
> Which "Report" would I use in MailWatch to show me all
> the Viruses for all domains?
> I've tried to use the "Virus Report" but am not sure
> how to use it.
As you have seen, the virus report is only a "top ten" report over whatever 
period you filter for.
Are you looking for a total per day, or just a running total over whatever 
period your database covers?

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