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Mon Feb 18 17:19:09 GMT 2008

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Julian Field wrote:
| Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
|> * PGP Signed by an unverified key: 02/17/08 at 16:16:02
|> shuttlebox wrote:
|> | On Feb 17, 2008 3:33 PM, Julian Field <MailScanner at>
|> wrote:
|> |> One other possibility is to much with the installation setup of
|> each of
|> |> my required Perl modules, so that they are always installed in the
|> |> "site" tree which should be out of the way of CPAN and RPM. Not
|> sure how
|> |> easy it is to do that though. Any thoughts?
|> |
|> | I've been dealing with this on Solaris and even though I packaged a IO
|> | 1.2301 module it used the older one from within Perl itself, it only
|> | searches the INC until it finds a match, it doesn't go through the
|> | whole INC and uses the latest module if there are more than one match.
|> | I had to use PERLLIB in a few places and didn't like it so I haven't
|> | officially released a 4.66 Blastwave package. Instead I have asked the
|> | maintainer of Perl to update the included IO which haven't happened
|> | yet. :-(
|> In the case of the RPM version we need to find a way to add the files
|> without hitting the one from the main perl package. The rpmforge package
|> does not hit a conflict on any regular files. Just on the manual pages.
|> If these are properly markes as documentation we just might get away
|> with it .... .... ..
|> Right. First try to install it with yum. That will fail but download the
|> package anyway. Then install it without the documentation:
|> rpm -Uvh
|> /var/cache/yum/rpmforge/packages/perl-IO-1.2301-1.el5.rf.i386.rpm
|> --excludedocs
|> That installs the required package with an acceptable kludge. It does
|> satisfy my wish to avoid the --force option.
| Slight snag. This package was put together by someone who doesn't
| actually understand what they are doing. They have got round the
| clashing file problems by putting it into the "vendorperl" instead of
| "perl" tree. But the "perl" tree is earlier in @INC than "vendorperl".
| So the nice new version you just installed isn't actually used at all.
| To prove it to yourself...
| Try editing the code in the file (e.g. put a syntax error in it), and
| then run this command. It should fail as there is a syntax error in
| which is where the perl-IO rpm is installed.
|     perl -MIO -e 'print $IO::VERSION;'
| You'll find it still works perfectly, as it isn't using the version you
| just installed from

Let me try this. ...

$ perl -MIO -e 'print $IO::VERSION."\n";'

Isn't this what I should expect?


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