List of perl modules required for a MailScanner install?

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Mon Feb 18 11:44:22 GMT 2008

> Does anyone have a list of all the modules and programs needed for a
> MailScanner install?

 From a minimal FC8 server installation, I needed to install a few rpms  
using yum to install MailScanner with Julian's script:

# yum install rpm-build
# yum install perl-devel
# yum install perl-Test-Simple

Since perl-Test-Simple is included with MailScanner, might it be possible  
to remove the requirement for that (and save having problems with yum  
trying to update it) if it's listed earlier in the MailScanner

The other two requirements seem pretty basic, and probably don't need to  
be included with MailScanner.

FWIW I found what was required by looking for "not found" error messages  
when installing MailScanner, and then using "yum provides" on those files.


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