HTML/Newsletters being received as unreadable code

Andrew Chester Andrew.Chester at
Mon Feb 18 09:34:37 GMT 2008

Hi All

We have recently implemented MailScanner in a mail gateway of ours, and 
since then about 4 random emails have come through as unreadable code. The 
emails seem to HTML based, be it newsletters that have been subscribed to 
or confirmation of flight details to a user, and seem to be random. The 
code looks like the following (obviously different for each mail):

?4)4)e????4)4)e?????????4)??????4)Q??????  ?4)4)
4)??????4)4)%??хЁ1=??4)4)               Ё???4)Q0<%?Ё?4)

Does anyone know what the problem for the above is and how to solve it?

Another problem has come up where with an email that a user has received, 
the subject line was removed completely. The email is a newsletter which 
is received daily, and the problem has never occured before using 
MailScanner. Any ideas on this?

The system we are running is as follows:

OS - FreeBSD 6.3
MTA - Postfix 2.4.6
Mailcanner 4.64.3

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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